Entreprenuer, Lifestyle Designer, 3 time URDB World Record Holder, Speaker, Podcaster at Talkin Sweet TV, champion squatter and minor talents in singing Mary had a little lamb backwards.
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Amazing Things Happen when you Choose to be Outrageous

“There are 3 types of people in this world – one, the people who make things happen, two, the people who watch things happen, and three, the overwhelming majority who do not know what is happening.” From the Off the Grid, a Warren Miller ski movie. Sometimes I want to punch my friends in the … Continue reading


8000 miles for a World Record, thanks SMS!

When you casually mention to your friend that there is some cool World Record Event on in Texas that weekend, you typically don’t end up going, especially if you live in Australia! Unless of course, your name is Matt “Freakin” Kelly, and you happened to be speaking to Dave Thompson. Fresh off an inspiring weekend … Continue reading


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