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The Dave Thompson Story

When one man sets out to milk his life for everything it has got, crazy, awesome, outrageous things happen.  Driven by the desire to help people, to make fun a priority and to learn everything he can, the Dave Thompson story is quite the tale!

1986 – Bougaineville Island, PNG – Dave’s parents have to call  for a police escort to the hospital so Dave can be born.  An auspicious beginning for the adventurous life that is to follow.  His love of food blossoms early, with butter being a popular choice.

1988 – Still in PNG and now able to walk and speak a few words, the inner businessman emerges as 2 year old Dave regularly orders his own meals down at the Kieta Yacht Club, “Pie, coke and Twisties please.  Put it on Dad’s tab!”  If Mr Thompson had known better he might have traded in for another baby then and there!

1990 – Mr Thompson’s engineering job takes the family to London, where Dave enrolls in a new school and then immediately quits because they make him eat cooked baked beans for lunch!  This boy will clearly be living on his own terms, his mother recognises.  Playing dress up, acting like a super hero and rocking out to Tina Turner “You’re Simply the Best” continue to occupy this large, plump food-loving child.  His performance in the school play “When Santa got stuck up the Chimney” was something else!!  Really!!  His parent’s notice he has developed a strong English, prim and proper accent and so worry about losing his Australian identity, they decided to move…

1991 – To the Middle East – Bahrain precisely.  One day, while Dave is watching his cartoons, The Chipmunks are rudely interrupted on TV by a government warning stating that bombs were being dropped less than 200 miles from his current location (during the Gulf War of course).  This doesn’t perturb Dave, who at just 4 years of age, goes to the market later that day and conducts his first business negotiation – acquiring a 50% discount for cash from a local merchant for the purchase of a Nintendo Gameboy.  Later attempts to negotiate a similar discount for a large pizza from Pizza Hut fail miserably!

1994 The love of food is still strong and Dave’s waistline responds according.  In his new home of Invercargill, New Zealand (yes they moved again) he is judged to be too slow to play in the field in his first season of soccer, so he stands in goals and takes up three-quarters of the width of the goals.  His team wins the premiership, but Dave decides that rugby union is far more appealing.  Unfortunately he does not get a chance to play rugby in New Zealand, because after seeing snow fall on the local beach, Mr Thompson decides it is time to move to warmer climes.

1996 The Thompson family set up shop in sunny Brisbane, Australia, right by the water.  Almost instantly, Dave sets to work recruiting the finest athletes from the entire street, so that regular games of street cricket and touch football can happen every afternoon.  The possie that gather soon label the Thompson residence “The Dave Dome”, being the home of all activities.  But it’s not just activities, it’s also the finest ANZAC biscuits, red cordial and of course toasted cheese sandwhiches.  “It’s all part of the service”, became a catch-phrase years later.  [Sidenote: The Davo Dome celebrates it’s 15th year of operation in 2011.]

1998 Always fond of “performing”, Dave’s first venture into public speaking was hilarious to everyone but the judges, who berated him for his lack of clear message.  His speech consisted of 3 consecutive minutes of impersonating various commercials, including the Kit Kat ad with Elvis Presley, “I’m not dead baby, I’m just havin’ a break, have a Kit Kat”.  Dave decides that if the judges are going to reject humour, then maybe this speaking competition is not for him.  His disdain for the Fun Police officially begins.

2000 At 13 years old, an overweight Dave sees his best mate Frankie having 4 or more girlfriends at once.  At that moment the trigger switches and Dave resolves to lose the fat, get fit and get the girl/s.  But not before having one more cream pie!

2003 Despite being a new and improved, ultra lean Dave, he continues to go dateless while Frankie it seems becomes the local pin up boy.  But Dave shines in his own way, becoming School Captain and then outrageously disobeying school rules by having bleached blonder hair for the entire school year!  Apparently Dave is good at Legal Studies and Economics, so not knowing what else to do, Dave enrolls in the hardest course he can find, a double Bachelor degree in Business and Law.

2004 Just 45 minutes into the law degree, Dave wants to shoot himself.  He knows instantly he has made an epic mistake.  Meanwhile, Business is far more interesting, especially Marketing.  Knowing the law was boring, Dave ruthlessly trims the fat and minimizes the time he spends on the law, getting epic Return on Investment for the few minutes he spends studying the law.

2006 With his 5 year degree dragging on, Dave and 2 mates do the only logical thing and move to Canada to huck 20ft cliffs and ski tits deep powder for a season.  It is here that meets the legendary film maker Rossco “Senoir Speelbergo” Goodall, who partners with Dave to make the amatuer-tho-super-crazy “Day in the Life of a Housekeeper” video series. Dave’s love for acting and video production go to a whole new level.

2007 With the snow still falling, Dave makes the “responsible” decision to go back to Australia to finish his study. Returning home to find that nothing has changed in sleepy old Cleveland, along with impending doom of him becoming a lawyer and working 100 hours a week in a cubicle, Dave starts to have a nervous breakdown.  Thankfully, at the same time over in the USA, a brilliant entreprenuer by the name of Timothy Ferris happens to publish possibly the best book of all time – The Four Hour Work Week.  Dave gets excited, now knowing there are a whole bunch of other people out there who are turning their back on the traditional corporate lifestyle.

2008 Despite the book, Dave promptly goes and works 50 hours a week all summer for a big 4 accounting firm.  When a girl in internal audit at Dave’s work responds “yes” to his question “Do you wake up and want to knife yourself everyday?”, Dave realises lifestyle design and entreprenuership are essential to his happy life.  Despite 3 separate job offers after graduating, Dave rejects them all to take up a position as a professional rugby coach at a prestigious private school in Northern Ireland.

2009 Returning from his European adventure, those tough questions of what to do with himself surface again.  With next to no technical skills, he launches a web design company with his brother, Lord Tubbington and another mate.  Unbelievably, this intense self-examination leads Dave to do the thing he LEAST wanted to do, which is further study in the law!  Dave’s decision to to a post-grad diploma in law baffles all those around him, but by years end he is a qualified solicitor, qualified in something he has absolutely no intention to practise!  With more than enough experience in the absurdity that is the corporate cubicle world, Dave does the thing he does best, and chooses the outrageous option, jetting off to Japan to manage a backpackers hostel in the mountains.

2010 Dave’s girlfriend at the time is quite unhappy with his plan to stay in Japan, so reluctantly Dave returns, again having to face an intense self-examination point of what to do with himself.  But then, in true outrageous fashion, Dave becomes brand ambassador for Wotflight in their Race Around Oz Competion, travelling to 10 destinations around Australia in just 58 hours.  This blitzing of the competition earns him a $10,000 flight prize.  Hawaii, Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Everest base camp all follow as Dave thoroughly enjoys himself, yet continues to avoid the big questions.  When his girlfriend decides to drive 5,500km across Australia to find a job in Perth, Dave jumps at the chance to avoid the necessary self examination and goes along for the ride. When in Perth, Dave takes up Beach Handball, and within 4 weeks he has made the Western Australia team to play in the National Championships!

2011 A relationship break up, another complete freak out and a new job in Recruitment later, Dave is back in Brisbane and finally examining what to do with himself.  When he lands an epically well-paid but boring as hell corporate job, the intense pain of the situation forces Dave into action.  Sitting in a cubicle is not the best use of Dave Thompson.  So, in naturally outrageous fashion, Dave and his best mate Matt Kelly decide go out and break a World Record for the Longest High Five.  This sets in motion another chain of outrageous events, which culminate in Dave and Matt flying to Texas for the SXSWi festival, where Dave breaks Matt’s World Record for the Fastest Time to Eat 3 Tim Tams while Crowdsurfing.  As a result, Matt and Dave are now Official Adjudicators for the Universal Records Database in Australia.

And so the outrageous journey continues.  Through all this, Dave now knows the path forward, the path towards living the life of his dreams.  Through this blog, he aims to inspire people to write their own story and not let other dictate for you.  His sister project is a new podcast, called Talkin’ Sweet TV, which helps people to talk their way through the stickiest situations in life, from convincing your boss you need a pay rise, to filming your 3 minute internet dating video, to presenting an awesome speech at your friend’s birthday party.

If you want Dave to be your brand ambassador, or speak to your organisation, or even to help you break a World Record, he would love to hear from you!  Get in touch via email or on Facebook at Talkin’ Sweet TV.



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