Massive Action

Amazing Things Happen when you Choose to be Outrageous

“There are 3 types of people in this world – one, the people who make things happen, two, the people who watch things happen, and three, the overwhelming majority who do not know what is happening.”

From the Off the Grid, a Warren Miller ski movie.

Sometimes I want to punch my friends in the face.  Yes, they are good friends, some of them best friends, and yet I feel like just unleashing a fist of fury on them sometimes.  The intense frustration I feel for my friends is because they bitch and moan about how sub-standard their lives are, yet they never do anything to improve their situation. They are the people who watch things happen, or worse, in some rare cases, don’t know what is happening.

If you are reading this, you know exactly what I am talking about – the friends that post on Facebook stuff like “oh man, I can’t believe it is Monday!” or they tweet out energy sapping comments like “this traffic jam is killing me!”.  I even caught out one of my very good friends just this morning, updating his Facebook with “5.30am is way too early for this paper pusher to start work”.  HUFFFFFFF!!!!!  I get super angry, but then I get sad that my friends think this is all there is to life, or worse, they accept this mundane exsistence.

Well, {drum roll please} there is a 3rd option, and this is to make things happen.  It is the option I far prefer.  It is the option that will bring you more more of everything you have ever desired – money, girls, boys, toys, travel, love, gratitude, you name it, making stuff happen will lead you to living a kick arse life.

One of my Australian friends has been having a tough time at work recently, compounded by the fact her relationship with her partner has been a bit rocky.  But she is one of those people that makes things happen, she chooses to live outrageously, because she knows that amazing things will happen when you choose this path less travelled.

So what outrageous action did she take? She quit her job, told her partner she was going away for a while, and now she is about to toss a coin – if it lands heads, she is getting a one way ticket to China, if it lands tails, she is going to New York City (by herself, and remember she is travelling from Australia)!  Who knows what the future holds, but by taking massive, outrageous action, she has pretty much guaranteed that something awesome will happen along the way.

Personally I am not 100% happy with my life right now, so have decided to write this blog as part of my personal choice to take action and live outrageously.  Awesome-ness is reserved for only those that take outrageous action.

So, what are you going to make happen today??


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Entreprenuer, Lifestyle Designer, 3 time URDB World Record Holder, Speaker, Podcaster at Talkin Sweet TV, champion squatter and minor talents in singing Mary had a little lamb backwards.


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